Sean B. Dennis

Bomb Squad CDR, Ret.

Executive Director 


Sean Dennis is a Hazardous Devices School (HDS) graduate and was a former Bomb Squad Commander. He had been involved in the Bomb Technician/Explosive community for over 18 years and has been involved in many critical incidents which has formed his belief system and support for Military and Public Safety Bomb Technicians. Sean feels strongly in supporting this great community and has reached out to those with in the military and public safety ranks to listen and learn on what they are hoping to see in an organization like the USBTA. Sean has spent much of his time helping other organizations who have supported other Bomb Technicians who were in need of help and supported training events between Military and Public Safety Bomb Technicians. He has formed great partnerships with many from the military and public safety communities and hopes to bring these two groups together in a strong viable partnership.

Brian Knudsen 

Active Bomb Technician

Director of  Public Relations / Business Development


Brian is a 17-year Colorado County Sheriff’s Office veteran and a graduate of the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School. He has spent nearly 13 years on the Bomb Squad where he has been involved in high-profile incidents. It is these experiences and the tight knit community of Bomb Technicians that inspire him to want to provide support and training to Bomb Squads around the country. Brian recognizes the many obstacles Bomb Squads across the nation encounter such as costly training and constrained department budgets. His goal is to raise awareness to private entities about these obstacles in order to build financial partnerships which support USBTA’s training mission and contribute to the safety of their communities.

Jon Vaala

Active Bomb Technician



Jon is a 20 year Colorado County Sheriff’s Office veteran and graduate of the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School. He has spent nearly 18 years on the Bomb Squad and is currently a Team Leader. In addition to being the Senior Technician, a “Tactical Bomb Technician” and a SWAT Breacher, Jon is passionate about supporting the EOD and his Public Safety Bomb Technician community. Being involved in multiple high-profile incidents and events over his 18 years has motivated Jon in his mission to promote cooperation and collaboration amongst the bomb technician community. His goal is to facilitate SWAT EOD integration, as well as the professional cooperation between EOD, the Public Safety communities, and equipment manufactures through the assistance of the USBTA.

Peter Nagel, P.C.

Chief Counsel


Peter Nagel is a lawyer whose practice, located in Denver, Colorado, has included assisting nonprofit organizations with a wide variety of tax, corporate, and commercial law matters, including board and officer governance responsibilities, mergers and corporate restructurings, participation in tax-exempt financings, unrelated business taxable income issues, and the implementation of endowments and planned giving programs.

His diverse client base includes –

  • community foundations, supporting organizations, and corporate and private foundations
  • organizations that own and operate affordable housing nationwide
  • state, national, and international trade associations
  • religious organizations of all denominations
  • organizations engaged in political and legislative advocacy, and
  • a wide variety of charities engaged in education at all levels, the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases, arts and culture, amateur sports, environmental protection, scientific research, and services to the elderly, the needy, and the underprivileged

Colonel Dean Meinert US Army, Ret.

Vice President


Dean Meinert, Colonel US Army (retired), recently served as the Chief, Humanitarian Mine Action and Explosive Ordnance Disposal while assigned to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. A career Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer, he served in EOD assignments through Battalion Command. He has worked Counter-IED and Counter-WMD specialties and conducted operations in over 30 foreign nations. Dean deployed in support of OPERATION JOINT ENDEAVOR (Bosnia 1996), OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (Afghanistan 2002), OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM (Iraq 2004-2005), OPERATION NEW DAWN (Iraq 2010-2011). He has a passion for the community and its’ operators. He recognizes the value in bringing our military and civilian technicians together into a single community of interest so that we may learn from, serve with, and share the successes and burdens of our profession in order to lighten everyone’s load.

Eugene J. "Gene" Squires

Director of Government Affairs

Eugene J. “Gene” Squires is a founding Senior Partner of Squires & Fulcher, LLC a management consultant company incorporated June 15, 2005, in Georgia. He works with corporate-suite clients on crafting strategy and program execution for increasing shareholder growth or mission accomplishment. Mr. Squires became Director of Government Affairs for the United States Bomb Technicians Association November 14, 2016. Mr. Squires is a retired EOD Soldier and President of the U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Association; member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators; and life member and Chairman, EOD Committee of the National Defense Industrial Association

SGM Sean Burke

U.S Army, Ret.



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